The Beatitudes


by Stephen Manley



Approaching the Sermon on the Mount causes trembling. The content of the three chapters absolutely boggles the mind. At the close of the sermon, the people were astonished (Matthew 7:28). They were “knocked out of their senses.” If one acquires the courage to begin the journey, one shrinks at the opening statements. They are united together as “The Beatitudes.”

But as you get into the Sermon on the Mount you discover that it is all about Jesus and having relationship and intimacy with Him. You realize you are so fortunate. You are abundantly blessed beyond all compare. You must be congratulated. There is nothing more you need. You have found your place. Jesus is your all in all. You are in the Kingdom. You are blessed!

Mountainous Truth: The Beatitudes is the first book in the Sermon on the Mount series covering the Beatitudes in Matthew 5:1-12.