Obsession Series


Downloadable MP3 Sermons by Stephen Manley


The Obsession Series is a part of the Stephen Manley Classic Audio Sermon Collection. Please note that because these recordings are from the early ministry of Stephen Manley, some of them are not recorded in high quality.

Obsession Series
6 Sermons – Total Time: approximately 4.5 hours

  1. Ragman (Matthew 17:22-23)
  2. Obsessed (John 6:53-58)
  3. Service (John 12:20-26)
  4. A Mansion or a Shack (John 14:1-7)
  5. Slave (Romans 1:1)
  6. Be a Lover (1 John 4:7-17)


Note: once you purchase this series, you will receive a link via email to download a zip file with all the sermons in MP3 format. Most computers will either open the zip file automatically when you download the file or by needing to double-click the file. Once downloaded, you can listen to the sermons on your computer, upload them to your favorite listening devices, or burn them onto disc.

Obsession Series – Zip File Size: 239.6 MB