Matthew Commentary Set (5 Volumes)

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by Stephen Manley


The Cross Style Commentary Series combines expositional study in the Word of God with practical application for real-world living.


This five-volume set of commentaries from Matthew contains over 2,200 pages of expositional study from the library of Stephen Manley. Buy all five volumes together and save!

Details on each volume:

MATTHEW 1-2 Overview

In the midst of the political and spiritual condition of the Jews, Matthew planted the Gospel story. For four hundred years the voice of the prophets had been silent. In four hundred years, no one had shouted “The Word of of the Lord came unto me.” It seemed the revelation of God had ended abruptly. It was four hundred years of complete silence.

As Matthew writes to the Jews, he presents argument after argument, focusing on one great truth: Jesus is King! Matthew plays the role of a lawyer, presenting overwhelming evidence that Jesus alone qualifies to be the promised King for whom they are longing.

This exegetical commentary on Matthew 1-2 focuses on the genealogy of Jesus and walks through the Christmas stories of His birth, the visit of the wise men, and Herod’s ploy to kill Him.

This paperback volume contains 398 pages 


MATTHEW 3-4 Overview

Matthew shows John the Baptist introducing the Messiah to the world. His message is “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand!” The blood sacrifice of Jesus is prepared by the forerunner—John the Baptist foreruns the cross style. This is the heart of the Kingdom from its beginning. It is the heart of the Kingdom in our day. It is the heart of the Kingdom in the eternal reality. It is about death to self-centeredness. It is a call to lose our lives and enter into the fullness of the Spirit of Christ. Let’s join John the Baptist in coming to the crucified Christ.

This exegetical commentary on Matthew 3-4 examines the message of John the Baptist, the baptism and temptation of Jesus, and the beginning of Jesus’ ministry as He calls disciples to be “fishers of men.”

This paperback volume contains 536 pages 


MATTHEW 5 (Part 1) Overview

Approaching the Sermon on the Mount causes trembling. The content of the three chapters absolutely boggles the mind. At the close of the sermon, the people were astonished (Matthew 7:28). They were “knocked out of their senses.”

As you get into the Sermon on the Mount you discover that it is all about Jesus and having relationship and intimacy with Him. You realize you are fortunate. You are abundantly blessed beyond all compare. You must be congratulated. There is nothing more that you need. You have found your place. Jesus is your all in all. You are in the Kingdom.

This exegetical commentary on the first half of Matthew 5 examines the Beatitudes, the “mountainous truth” of being salt and light in this dark world, and how Jesus was the fulfillment of the Written Word.

This paperback volume contains 402 pages 


MATTHEW 16-20 Overview

There is a hideous disease that has infected humanity at a startling depth. It is cancerous in its nature, for it literally eats away the essence of living. When you know the truth about this disease, you are swept away by the terribleness of its destruction. It is the worst of all plagues. Everyone has, or has had, this disease. I am talking about the terrible disease of the carnal mind.

It is the opposite of the mind of Christ. It is enmity against God. This mind is in constant war against the Divine will. The focus of this mind is self. A single ounce of this carnal mind is like an ounce of cancer. if you allow it to remain, it will eat its way to your vital organs. Death is inevitable if you tolerate one bit of self-centeredness. You must not tolerate, train, or ignore it. The carnal mind must come to a cross and die! This is the dynamic of the message Jesus is giving to His disciples in Matthew 16-20.

This paperback volume contains 488 pages 


MATTHEW 21-25 Overview

In Matthew 16-20, Jesus focused on His disciples. In a close and intimate scene He teaches them the style of the cross—He is getting them ready! Compassion flows from Him as He summarizes the cross style.

As we approach chapter 21, the heat of confrontation is felt. In the midst of the chapter, we realize the end is coming swiftly. Before the chapter is over, the cross is in sight.

This exegetical commentary on Matthew 21-25 examines the heart of the cross style message, the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem, and His parables, sermons, cautions, and confrontations.

This paperback volume contains 414 pages