Matthew 16-20 Commentary


by Stephen Manley


The Cross Style Commentary Series combines expositional study in the Word of God with practical application for real-world living.



There is a hideous disease that has infected humanity at a startling depth. It is cancerous in its nature, for it literally eats away the essence of living. When you know the truth about this disease, you are swept away by the terribleness of its destruction. It is the worst of all plagues. Everyone has, or has had, this disease. I am talking about the terrible disease of the carnal mind.

It is the opposite of the mind of Christ. It is enmity against God. This mind is in constant war against the Divine will. The focus of this mind is self. A single ounce of this carnal mind is like an ounce of cancer. if you allow it to remain, it will eat its way to your vital organs. Death is inevitable if you tolerate one bit of self-centeredness. You must not tolerate, train, or ignore it. The carnal mind must come to a cross and die! This is the dynamic of the message Jesus is giving to His disciples in Matthew 16-20.

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