Matthew 1-2 Commentary


by Stephen Manley


The Cross Style Commentary Series combines expositional study in the Word of God with practical application for real-world living.



In the midst of the political and spiritual condition of the Jews, Matthew planted the Gospel story. For four hundred years the voice of the prophets had been silent. In four hundred years, no one had shouted “The Word of of the Lord came unto me.” It seemed the revelation of God had ended abruptly. It was four hundred years of complete silence.

As Matthew writes to the Jews, he presents argument after argument, focusing on one great truth: Jesus is King! Matthew plays the role of a lawyer, presenting overwhelming evidence that Jesus alone qualifies to be the promised King for whom they are longing.

This exegetical commentary on Matthew 1-2 focuses on the genealogy of Jesus and walks through the Christmas stories of His birth, the visit of the wise men, and Herod’s ploy to kill Him.

This paperback volume contains 398 pages