Jezebel: A Portrait of Sin

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by Jeremiah Bolich

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Thyatira is the fourth of the seven churches addressed by Jesus in Revelation chapters two and three. The city of Thyatira was experiencing great prosperity and the church that ministered there was rich in ministry. Jesus commended the Christians for their love, faith, service, and perseverance in trial. Yet along with this commendation came a strong rebuke: the church in Thyatira tolerated sin in the lives of its people.

In Jezebel: A Portrait of Sin, Jeremiah Bolich explores the specific language Jesus uses to describe sin to the church in Thyatira. Using Jesus’ address to the church, Jeremiah defines sin Biblically, explains its spiritual nature, and reveals the consequences of tolerating sin in your own life.

In today’s world, where sin is understood more as a mistake than a rebellious act, Jezebel: A Portrait of Sin is a valuable resource for understanding the real cost of sin.